Would you want to live in an Aged Care Facility?


Ask any 70+ person in the street and this question would be met with a stern NO!  So why does the older person think this way? “It really isn’t that surprising,” explains Kym, Manager of Bangalor Retreat,  “to most the idea of living in an environment where you are surrounded by people with similar ageing aliments is only a reminder that they themselves are ageing and may lose their independence”.  

So are all Aged Care facilities the same?  Some have amenities similar to a five star hotel such as Bangalor Retreat -  Coffee shops, hairdressers, shuttle bus services, libraries, cinemas, organised concerts, nutritious home cooked meals, plus, plus,plus.  

So how much does this five star treatment cost you?  “Surprisingly not as much as you think,” explains Kym, “We look like a luxurious hotel but we don’t charge like one. We have both Private and Government funded suites and in comparison to other facilities we are very reasonable.” With most aged care facilities listing the same services, 24 hour emergency call systems, security, qualified nursing staff offering dignity and care, its hard to tell the good from the bad. How do you know which is the best? It’s an emotional decision for all?  “We focus on lifestyle and rehabilitation.  We don’t sell apartments or furnishings, we’re about restoring independence back to our residents so they get the most out of their remaining years.  They can furnish their own suite with things from home if they wish.  Our fully qualified physiotherapist supervise’s our residents program to ensure a speedy recovery. Some feel so good they return to their home while others simply feel more alive and active after forming strong friendship with other residents”.